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Our Services

Strategic Planning

Startup Starter provides strategic planning for your startup in initial stage. This would help you to understand feasibility of your idea, idea proofing, business planning and so on.

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App Development

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is the most basic version of the product which the company wants to launch in the market. MVP development helps to learn customers' needs, feedback and risks of launching the entire product into the market. This technique helps them in making the final product much ...

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Database Administration

Database administration refers to the whole set of activities performed by a database administrator to ensure that a database is always available as needed. Other closely related tasks and roles are database security, database monitoring and troubleshooting, and planning for future growth.  ...

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Development Operations

The term “DevOps” is a combination of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).   a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring high quality.   At its hea...

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App Design

Exclusive design prepared


Company And Brand

Assistance provided for company and brand (trademark) registration


Feature Enhancement Provided

Features enhanced for productivity